Repeat Photography

Making change visible and seeing the passage of time with ones own eyes, this is the unique potential of repeat photography. By juxtaposing the past with the presence we got to witness how landscapes change. We can see the radical impact of humans on the planet, as well as our ability to reverse degradation and bringing landscapes back to life. SEE-International has specialized in the art of repeat photography, working across the globe on a broad set of  cultural and environmental contexts.

repeat photography around the world

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Repeat Photography


India, Rajastan, Dhamanghatti AFTER 1998 India, Rajastan, Dhamanghatti AFTER 2012
India, Rajastan, Gyamgarh BEFORE 2004 India, Rajastan, Gyamgarh AFTER 2012
India, Rajasthan, Barundni BEFORE 2006 India, Rajasthan, Barundni AFTER 2012


La Paz City Center BEFORE 1912 La Paz City Center AFTER 2018
La Paz Crossing BEFORE 1924 La Paz Crossing BEFORE 2018
La Paz Water Reservoir BEFORE 2014 La Paz Water Reservoir AFTER 2018

South Africa

Cape Town Table Mountain Close Up BEFORE 1922 Cape Town Table Mountain Close Up AFTER 2018
Cape Town Table Mountain wide BEFORE 1924 Cape Town Table Mountain wide AFTER 2018


Egypt Sekem House BEFORE 1977 Egypt Sekem House AFTER 2014
Egypt Sekem Path BEFORE 1983 Egypt Sekem Path AFTER 2014
Egypt Sekem Tree BEFORE 1980 Egypt Sekem Tree AFTER 2014


Mexico BEFORE 1920 Mexico AFTER 2012


Peru near Cusco BEFORE 1920 Peru near Cusco AFTER 2015b
Peru Pisac BEFORE 1920 Peru Pisac AFTER 2015


gully b gully a
Village Pair 1.1 Village Pair 2.2
Village Pair 1.2 Village Pair 2.1


Nepal Bhaktapur Main Square Elephants BEFORE 1912 Nepal Bhaktapur Main Square Elephants AFTER 2012
Nepal Bhaktapur Main Square Wide BEFORE 1912 Nepal Bhaktapur Main Square Wide AFTER 2012


Ghana-Asubima-2 Ghana-Asubima-1


Ngaoundéré Restoration BEFORE Ngaoundéré Restoration AFTER 2017
Ngaoundéré Restoration Uni Building BEFORE Ngaoundéré Restoration Uni Building AFTER 2017


Amsterdam-Rep-Photo-1.2 Amsterdam-Rep-Photo-1.1
Amsterdam-Rep-Photo-3.2 Amsterdam-Rep-Photo-3.1
Amsterdam-Rep-Photo-2.2 Amsterdam-Rep-Photo-2.1
Amsterdam-Rep-Photo-4.2 Amsterdam-Rep-Photo-4.1


Rwanda Kigali AFTER 2012 Rwanda Kigali BEFORE 1912
river 1 river 2
kivu 1 kivu 2


Senegal wet season AFTER 2014 Senegal dry season BEFORE 2012
Landscape with rainfall and without - Senegal 1 Landscape with rainfall and without - Senegal 2


Ethiopia Tigray Road AFTER 2017 Ethiopia Tigray Road BEFORE 1970
Ethiopa Tigray Part B AFTER 2017 Ethiopa Tigray Part B BEFORE 1896
Ethiopa Tigray Camp Part A BEFORE 1896 Ethiopa Tigray Part A AFTER 2017