Let’s Research!

With special focus on the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030), SEE-International remains COMMITTED to research and communicate About how to revitalize THIs FRAGILE PLANET.

Sound restoration science is needed to rejuvenate the fundamental ecological support system of our planet. No other discipline than restoration ecology addresses the dysfunction of our planet in more holistic way.  

Restoration science does not stop at detecting dysfunction but engages actively in finding solutions how to transition to more functional states. Making it clear that destruction and degradation at all scales can be reversed and revitalized by cross-disciplinary approaches that guide holistic restoration strategies.

Only by including all stakeholders, by employing rigorous science and by engaging the greater public will landscape restoration be able to rebuild resilient ecological systems that all life depends upon.

SEE-International collaborates with leading scientific institutions around the globe to advance our scientific understanding of the earth’s systems and to communicate the lessons learned, to name a few: United Nations University, the Geography Department at the University Bonn (Germany), German Development Institute (Germany), Chinese Academy of Science (PRC) or the School for Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria (Canada).

 With access to experts on ecosystem restoration around the world, SEE-International is also able to provide scientific studies, monitoring and evaluation on a myriad of topics surrounding the recovery of ecological functions.

 Please contact us, and we will look into tailor-made solutions.