Let’s film!

People participating and volunteering have shared countless hours in capturing stories, shaping narratives and looking for ways to distribute these films to THE public.

With a unique set of expertise, unlike any other production house, we remain committed to communicate the urgent lessons of our time for transformational change and ecological restoration.

Over the years, the society has gathered several hundred hours of stunning footage from around the world. Every continent and a broad variety of biomes are covered, interventions ranging from wetland reclamation to sustainable agriculture, from quarry rehabilitation to community afforestation.

Many of the produced films have been selected and nominated at international film festivals, be it in Cape Town, Krakau, Washington, Vancouver or Nairobi.

Please contact us, so we can explore ways of helping your communications, be it with existing archival footage from around the world or with entire new productions. Contact us so that we can find tailor-made solutions for you, be it feature-length documentaries for television, a project videos, or promotional vignettes: contact@see-international.org


SEE-International together with Dr. Patrick Augenstein has produced or ASSISTED IN THE PRODUCTION OF the following films, several of which have won at international festivals.

2019. Greening Africa 
2019. Climate Emergency and Restoration: time for action! 
2019. Let’s grow the future together 
2019. The End of Famine
2019. Novel Ecosystem, Restoration & the Mountain Legacy Project 
2018. When the skies ran dry 
2018. Future-making Africa 
2018. Ecosystem-based adaptation in Mauritania & Nepal
2018. Seeing Change 
2018. Greening Kilimanjaro 
2017. Ethio trees’ initiatives in Ethiopia 
2017. Drought resilience – instant responses & long-term solutions 
2017. Drought resilience – UNCCD COP Ordos China 
2016. The rituals of restoration 
2016. Planting Prosperity – Greening Peru 
2016. The re-discovery of humanity – ecosystem restoration and migration 
2015. Forests for the Future – Ecosystem restoration in Ghana 
2015. Kofi Annan on Ecosystem Restoration 
2015. The rules of degradation 
2014. Sunny Side of Doc in Chengdu – The Environmental Film in China 
2014. Ecosystem Restoration, Conservation and Religion: Healing the Earth and the Human Spirit 
2014. Finding Common Ground in South Africa – Baviaanskloof Restoration 
2014. The Promise of the Commons 
2013. Underground Forests of West Africa 
2013. The Blue Gold of the Aztecs – Watershed restoration in Mexico 
2013. Ecological Security in India – Reclaiming the Commons 
2013. Food Security and Landscape Transformation in Ethiopia 
2013. What If We Change – A Documentary On Ecosystem Restoration 
2013. Threaten Species of China: The Oriental Stork 
2013. Perennial Paradise – Permaculture in Australia 
2012. Combating Soil degradation in Turkey: The history of TEMA 
2012. Eco-School Concept in Uganda 
2012. Jane Goodall – Restoring Earth
2012. Rio+20 – Choosing the Path to Sustainability 
2011. Rwanda – Emerging in a Changing Climate 
2011. Miyun – Watershed restoration for China’s capital 
2011. Forests keep Drylands Working 
2011. Rwanda – Forests of Hope 
2011. In Search of Sustainability – Restoring India’s Garo Hills 
2011. Green Call for Mongolia 
2010. Rwanda – Back to the Garden 
2010. Green Call for China – Concerto 
2010. Forest Restoration in Nepal 
2010. Four Stories on Ecosystem Restoration in Taiwan 
2009. Hope in a Changing Climate 
2008. Reshaping Economic Geography 
2008. The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Report