Photo Award

WINNER: Muyombano Célestin

Lenticular clouds and antenna on Mt. Karisimbi (Rwanda)  


WINNER: Marco Amedeo

Cellulose factory on Victoria Iceland (Canada)


WINNER: Butbyien Rabiu

Ape in captivity in (Nigeria)


WINNER: Elsa Castaño

Natural regeneration – Spain Andaluzia



Once a year we like to pass the laurels on to a new photographer who captured the unseen, who found a new perspective upon an environmental issue that we forgot to recognize.

The themes captured can range from biodiversity conservation to ecosystem restoration, from nature-based solutions for carbon capture to environmental mass movements . With this competition we like to sensitize for problems and fault lines as much as  we wish to portray viable solutions, capturing uplifting notions and moments of hope.

Please submit your favorite image by include your name, date and the location where it was taken ( On an annual basis we announce the winners and honor them with SEE-International’s laurels.