With a special focus on the upcoming United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030), the Society for Environmental Education International remains dedicated to research and communicate the potential of ecosystem restoration.

Restoration science is needed to rejuvenate the fundamental ecological support system of our planet. No other discipline than restoration ecology addresses the dysfunction of our planet in a more holistic way.  

Restoration science does not stop at detecting dysfunction but engages actively in finding solutions on how to transition to more functional states. Making it clear, that destruction and degradation at all scales can be reversed and revitalized by cross-disciplinary approaches that guide holistic restoration strategies.

Only by including all stakeholders, by employing rigorous science and by engaging the greater public will landscape restoration be able to rebuild resilient ecological systems that all life depends upon.

SEE-International collaborates with leading scientific institutions around the globe to advance our scientific understanding of the earth’s systems and to communicate the lessons learned, to name a few: United Nations University, Development Geography University Bonn (Germany), German Development Institute (Germany), Chinese Academy of Science (PRC) or the School for Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria (Canada).

We highly recommend the following books, journals, essays and databases as an indispensable source for landscape restoration initiatives.

Faking Nature  The Ethics of Environmental Restoration 

Robert Elliot​

An Introduction to Ecological Economics

Robert Costanza (et al.)

Bankrupting Nature: Denying Our Planetary Boundaries

Anders Wijkman & Johan Rockstroem

Ecological Economics: Principles and Applications

Joshua Farley & Herman E. Daly

Restoration Ecology: The New Frontier

J. Van Andel & J. Aronson

Ecological Restoration: A global Challenge

 Francisco A. Comin (ed.)

The Restoration Economy

Storm Cunningham

Regreening the Bare Hills  

David LAMP (ed.)

Large Scale Ecosystem Restoration

Mary Doyle & Cynthia a. Drew (ed.)

Novel ecosystems: intervening in the new ecological world order

 Eric S. Higgs, RICHARDJ. HOBBS & Carol M. Hall